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NOTE: Trikke training and other activities require physical exertion and a reasonable level of fitness. Certain risks are inherent. Download our waiver form here.
Trikke Showroom
T12 Roadster
Ages 14+
suggested height 5' 4"
suggested weight 250lbs

(Not recommended for beginners.)
The T12 roadster features aircraft-grade aluminum frame and components. Designed for long distance riding, the larger wheelbase maintains momentum. Disc brakes allow advance riders to push the edge of Trikke Carving. 12 inch wheel make for a faster ride.
T8 Air
Ages 12+
suggested height 5' 3" - 6' 5"
suggested weight 250lbs max

Our most popular model. Designed for all rider types and styles. Progression is easy on the T8 Air. Enjoy the comfort, grip, and traction, of all air tires.
T78 Air Deluxe
Ages 12+
suggested height 5' - 6' 3"
suggested weight 250lbs max

The T78 Deluxe features all air comfort and the ease of the trigger-lever folding frame. With style and component upgrades, you'll agree this ride is worth calling Deluxe. 
T78 Convertible
Ages 12+
suggested height 5' - 6' 3"
suggested weight 250lbs max

A great model with the option to swap out polywheels and convert to an all air ride. Either way you're  going to have a lot of fun!
T7 Convertible
Ages 8+
3' 6" - 5' 10"
250 lbs max

The T7 Convertible is Trikke's most affordable, adult-approprate model, making it easier for you to get your first feel of the fluid Trikke carving motion.
Ages 9+
suggested height 4'- 5' 2"
suggested 200 lbs max

Capable of upgrading to 8 inch air wheels the T67 is complementary to any terrain. Great size and build for kids to younger adults.  
Ages 4-7
suggested height 4' max
suggested weight 150lbs max

Engages agility, balance, and coordination, while building confidence. Two foot platforms allow kids to feel secure without the fear of falling.