Whether your goal is general fitness, pre- or post-natal support, rehabilitation, or simply to look better and be stronger, PT Transformations customizes a program based on your personal needs and wants. 

In-Home Personal Training    

In-home personal training allows you to experience one-on-one training at any location you choose–home, work, school, inside, or outdoors.  The possibilities are limitless!  We will provide the equipment and motivation. 


Sessions consist of one-on-one training with a Certified Personal Trainer and are sixty (60) minutes long.  Rates are $70 - $120 per session based on location.  

Sports Performance Training    

PT Transformations works with you to sharpen your athletic attributes that are needed to support existing sports skills. This is done through developing superior speed, agility, plyometrics, power, core-strength, reactivity, endurance, and recovery.

Sports Performance Training rates vary depending on your choice of location, individual or group sessions and lenght of training.   Click here for more information on Sports Performance with PT Transformations.
Team Training    

This program allows a team to train together with a detailed exercise prescription tailored to the specific qualities of the sport. 


Sessions consist of Sports Performance Training and Conditioning in a team setting and are seventy-five (75) minutes long.  A minimum of two (2) sessions per week is recommended.  Rates are based on location, the number of participants, and the amount of sessions.  Please call PT Transformations at 215-788-1414 or click here for more information on Sports Performance Team Training.

Group Personal Training

Enables clients with similar goals to train in a group environment supportive to their specific needs at a competitive rate. Available for In-home, Fitness Center, and Sports Performance Training. 


Specific, pre-determined time slots have been allotted for Group Sessions, which are sixty (60) minutes long.  Sessions may be conducted with up to six (6) participants at a time.  A minimum of two (2) sessions per week is required.  Rates are per person and based on training conducted at PTT's Training or Sports Performance Center:
  • 12 sessions @ $35 = $420 total
  • 24 sessions @ $32 = $768 total
  • 32 sessions @ $28 = $896 total