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Conwell Egan Varsity Football Team

PT Transformations was honored to participate in the 3rd annual Walt Disney Elementary School 'Run for the Playgroud' held on April 7, 2013. Certified Personal Trainer Scott Lynn led the runners in warm up and stretch before the 'big race'.
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PT Transformations is committed to bringing the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to empower individuals, groups and teams to a higher level through an integrated approach that combines fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices.  PT Transformations has successfully worked with dozens of local athletes, teams, and organizations to improve their athletic performance as well as their overall success in life.  We prepare the body, so that the mind will follow!
Sports Performance Training
Sports performance training provides athletes with superior training that improves overall athleticism. We work with individuals, groups, and teams to encourage well-rounded athletic attributes that are needed to support existing sports skills. This is done through developing efficient speed, agility, plyometrics, power, core strength, flexibility, reactivity, endurance, strength, and recovery.
Personal Training for the focused athlete who demands the best results through athletic development and sports performance training is guaranteed one-on-one attention and scheduling preferential.
Sports Performance Training allows athletes with similar goals to train in a group environment for sport-specific needs.  Pre-determined timeslots have been allotted for sports performance sessions.  Training may be conducted in individual or group settings.

Team Training allows a competitive team to train together with a detailed exercise prescription tailored to the specific qualities of the sport.


The PT Transformations Difference:
Commitment - We are passionate and driven about preparing athletes to perform better in their sport, no matter what level!

Customized Programs – Nutrition and fitness programs are tailored to each individual’s developmental level, age, gender, and sport-specific goals to help improve confidence and performance.

Credibility – Our Sports Trainers are certified through accredited institutions and participate in and train for rigorous athletic events themselves.  This helps them relate to the training needs of every athlete.


Flexible Scheduling – With our own Sports Performance Center, PTT's Trainers are able to schedule sessions around the clients' availability.  Individuals can train on different days and times each week, as needed, making it easy to work around practice and game schedules.  Early morning, evening, or weekends are no problem!


Positive Motivational Techniques - We assist athletes in creating tangible goals to work towards while providing positive feedback on their training progress.  Each milestone is celebrated while continually raising the bar to reach the next level.

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