Special Services Training

Personal Support is a vital component of any fitness-based lifestyle change.

Clinical Needs Program

Custom design of wellness programs for those who struggle with muscular, psychological, neurological, or auto-immune conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, and Down Syndrome.

Lifestyle Weight Management

As Health Coaches and Nutritionists, PT Tranformations' Trainers can provide unique feedback on the day-to-day challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Custom Gym Design

Working in an existing space or with your architect or contractor, PT Transformations plans, coordinates, and designs your perfect home gym!  Our gym design experts integrate your fitness goals, personal style, and budget to create a workout room as comfortable, functional, and beautiful as all the other rooms in your home.

Post Rehabilitation Training

Our personal trainers help clients who have suffered an injury or illness to integrate back to daily living.  Through strength and corrective exercises, along with nutritional and lifestyle guidance, PT Tranformations will work to improve stability, balance, mobility, posture, gait, and cardiovascular health. 


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Judith Ayala, LCSW, CDE - Social Worker, Certified Diabetes Educator for CHOP's Diabetes Center for Children, "Patrick Mulhern as a personal trainer has touched the lives of hundreds of children with type 1 diabetes.  Patrick has volunteered for years at American Diabetes Association camp and other functions through The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  Patrick teaching yoga as a way for children and teens to cope with the stress inherent in living with a chronic illness like diabetes.  He has taught yoga to many children and teens as a way of relaxing and focusing on one's inner strength.  He recently volunteered in the Youth Program at the diabetes education conference, "Living Well with Diabetes: Now and in the Future" sponsored by CHOP and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Fifty children participated in yoga, art therapy, games and other fun activities.  Parents checking in on their children noted that they had never seen their kids as "calm and relaxed" as they were during Patrick's yoga session. 

I can't thank Patrick enough as he has shown many children the importance of being in tune with their bodies and minds and how to cope in a healthy way as they live with the daily challenges of type 1 diabetes.  Many kids are in better health and control of their diabetes, because of his talents and dedication to improving the lives of young people."