Bethanne - wife, mother, bookkeeper, "The knowledge and expertise these two trainers [Scott Lynn and Daniele Hargenrader] have just makes you want to work harder.  It’s not anything I have ever felt at another gym or training facility.  PT Transformations has taken the time to hire quality, caring trainers and stay true to its word: Fitness! Wellness! Life!  I have never felt as good as I do after working out here for the last 6 months." Gym Member and Personal Training Client since 2012

PTT is the Official Personal Training Company of the Bristol Riverside Theater

personal training, Bristol Riverside Theater
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How It Works

The relationship with your trainer is not limited to one-hour sessions; we are here to help you at any time. Throughout the implementation of your personal training program, we are advocates for your objectives, progress, and overall well-being.

Your Customized Personal Training Program


Your customized program is developed with your personal trainer based on your consultation and evaluation to:

• Determine key physical capabilities and improvements that you want to focus on.

• Assess factors that would have the greatest impact on your quality of life.

• Design a personalized fitness routine based upon your strengths, weaknesses, and objectives.

• Set a realistic schedule that will meet your goals while still fittting into your lifestyle.

• Discuss nutritional choices to support your fitness program and personal objectives.

• Decide how to incorporate fitness and good nutrition daily so that they become a way of life.

“And when we succeed - together - you’ll have the foundation for lifelong wellness and a program that meets your needs, no matter where or when you pursue it.” 

Personal Training clients may qualify for a FREE* PT Transformations' training center membership, including unlimited group fitness classes.

(*A minimum of two personal training sessions per week is required. See Training Agreement for Terms of Service.)