Custom Gym Design
Working in an existing space or with your architect or contractor, PT Transformations plans, coordinates, and designs your perfect home gym! Our gym design experts integrate your fitness goals, personal style, and budget to create a workout room as comfortable, functional, and beautiful as all the other rooms in your home.   Call 215-882-4850 for more information!
PT Transformations has over a dozen wholesale accounts with health, wellness, fitness, and exericse related companies. With specialized attention from our staff, this gives us the ability to provide you with the products that meet your needs exactly - at a price right for you!! Check out our Training Store!

Personal Training

Personal Training Programs

Whether your goal is general fitness, pre- or post-natal support, rehabilitation, or simply to look better and be stronger, PT Transformations customizes a program based on your personal needs and wants.
In-Home Personal Training 
In-home personal training allows you to experience one-on-one training at any location you choose–home, work, school, inside, or outdoors. The possibilities are limitless! We will provide the equipment and motivation. 

Sports Performance Training 
PT Transformations works with you to sharpen your athletic attributes that are needed to support existing sports skills. This is done through developing superior speed, agility, plyometrics, power, core-strength, reactivity, endurance, and recovery. 

Team Training 
Training together off the field allows a team to improve their skill sets with a detailed exercise prescription tailored to the specific qualities of the sport. 

Group Personal Training 
Clients with similar goals train in a group environment and are supported in their specific needs at a more competitive rate. Group training is available for In-home, Fitness Center, and Sports Performance Training. 

Why Personal Training with PT Transformations?

Personal Attention 
The relationship with your trainer is not limited to one- hour sessions. We are here to help you at any time. Throughout the duration of your personal training program, PT Transformations is an advocate for your objectives, progress, and overall well-being. 

Our personal training programs are based on trust. We trust you to carefully consider your true goals for fitness and wellness. You trust us to teach you how to achieve those goals. We show you how to beat back the obstacles to success so what you learn can become a way of life. 

Whether it be the clients who lost over 140 pounds, the athletes who earned academic and sports scholarships, the infirm who were finally able to manage their medical conditions, or the every-day Jones’ who were grateful to simply look and feel healthier, PT Transformations has been a catalyst of various life changes to untold numbers of individuals from the extraordinary to the ordinary. 
For over 12 years, in addition to transforming the lives of scores of individuals, we’ve had the pleasure of giving back to the community through our long-standing relationships with prominent area hospitals and organizations such as Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), American Diabetes Association (ADA), and The United Way. Let our experience be the foundation of your life change.