Paddleboard Your Way

Be sure to ask about these special programs:


  • Customized Group Tours for family outings, corporate teams, or a unique getaway (maximum 7 guests)
  • Off the River tours for a change of scene or calmer water
  • Personal Fitness Excursions with one of our trainers for a high-intensity fitness challenge on the water
SUP YOGA video
Join in on the newest fitness fad to hit the East Coast! Experience the peaceful, energizing benefits of Yoga while being gently lulled by the ripples of serene lake waters. This event consists of a 15-minute basic paddleboard lesson followed by a 60-minute Yoga class.  Facilitated by a Certified Yoga Instructor, this class takes Yoga to the next level. 

No experience necessary.  All levels welcome! Click here for more information to reserve your spot for the next class.

Our Guides

 Each of our guides has completed extensive training, and is PA Boater Safety-certified to ensure your safety and comfort.  What's more, we love the river, the outdoors, and Historic Bristol Borough!  We guarantee a fun and memorable experience one you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Paddleboard Adventure

Come experience the joy, freedom, and excitement of the fastest growing water sport around the globe!

Stand-Up Paddleboarding is a fun, low-impact, full-body workout that is quickly gaining popularity as celebrities try out the sport and cross-over athletes begin training with Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUP). SUP, made popular in Hawaii, is an ancient form of surfing that originates in Polynesia. SUP is a surface water sport where the surfer uses a paddle to move through the water while standing on the board.


The differences and advantages of SUP is that waves are not necessary. With SUP, you can paddle on rivers, harbors, lakes, open ocean, or any large body of water. Due to the standing height over the water one can see both deeper into the water and further across the surface. 


Normally travel to a tropical beach would be required to experience this exciting new sport...UNTIL NOW! PT Transformations brings paddleboarding right to your community with lessons, personal traing, tours and sales. Contact us to set up your Staycation!

Paddleboard Demos

PT Transformations offers private and group paddleboard demos. Regardless of your level of experience, whether you've never been paddleboarding or you know the basics, you'll receive friendly instruction and an awesome adventure, while being introduced to an exhilarating new workout.


Paddleboard Tours

PT Transformations offers guided tours of the extraordinary river environment of Historic Bristol Borough in Lower Bucks County, Pennsylvania for first-time paddleboarders and fitness enthusiasts alike. Just a few minutes from Bucks County's oldest town, you'll find:


  • Burlington Island, an uninhabited bird sanctuary of the Nature Conservancy


  • The Delaware River marshland and tidal basin ecosystem


  • The start of the historic Delaware Canal, stretching from Historic Bristol to New Hope


The following Classic Tours are offered April through October, by reservation, day or evening, for one or two hours. 50% deposit required. Call now for our reasonable rates!


Burlington Island Tour


Circle the island to learn about its rich history and the wildlife that call it home, then visit Historic Bristol's counterpart town in New Jersey, historical Burlington City.


Historic Radcliffe Street Tour


Get the unique "backyard" river view of Historic Bristol's oldest mansions and tales of the historic events their owners witnessed.


Nature Tour


Explore the Bristol marsh and tidal basin, protected by the Nature Conservancy and home to migratory waterfowl and rare native plants.

 NOTE: Paddleboarding and other water activities require physical exertion and a reasonable level of fitness. Certain risks are inherent. Download our waiver form  here.