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Our Clients

Thanks to these clients and the many others who let us know the difference PT Transformations makes in their lives.

Nicole – Fitness Center, Personal Training, and Nutrition Counseling client
Robert – Sports-Specific Training client
Andrew and Kelly – Personal Training clients
Mike – Youth Fitness client
Catherine – Personal Training client

From Nicole, Levittown, Pennsylvania
Fitness Center, Nutrition Counseling, and Personal Training Client

Goal: To improve my overall health by losing thirty pounds
"It all began when I heard Patrick speak at a Home and School Association meeting.  I′ve struggled with my weight since I was in elementary school and failed on fad diets and dangerous diet drugs, so Patrick drew me in with his knowledge of fitness and nutrition.  I knew he had what I needed.

I immediately enrolled in Pat′s kickboxing class for women.  I was a little hesitant at first, since I was the largest woman in the class, but it′s a lot of fun and the other women are very encouraging.  Kickboxing really got me moving and motivated me to stick to my weight loss goals.

I also joined a small group session with Pat for nutritional counseling.  He initiated this support group and gave us sound advice on how to eat without the stress of dieting.

Soon I began one-on-one training sessions with Pat.  He is organized and extremely well-prepared."
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From Robert, Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Starting high-school fullback

Goal: To earn a starting position on my high school football team
"I feel that I really improved on things that I wouldn't have without your help.  I'm looking forward to trying out some of my new skills on the field.  Thanks for taking your time with me and not rushing through things."

From Andrew and Kelly, Bristol, Pennsylvania
Personal Training clients

Goal: To get past a plateau we reached in fitness training
"We just want to say a big THANK YOU for all you [Patrick] have done for us over the past few months. We never dreamed we could have the results we′ve had in such a short time.

When we first thought about engaging a personal trainer, we expected a few tips and some validation of what we were already doing. But you have given us so much more.  We didn′t know how much we didn′t know!  As a result, we are worlds beyond where we might have been by just 'doing it on our own'." 
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From Mike, West Windsor, Pennsylvania
Youth Fitness Client

Goals: To lose weight and gain confidence
″When I started working with Patrick, I was 15 years old, 5' 8″ tall, and weighed 219 pounds. I was not able to run in my physical education classes or do push-ups, which was very embarrassing.

Since I have been working with Patrick, he′s helped me to explore different sports and activities like boxing, weightlifting, use of an exercise ball, and cycling. I have been able to incorporate these into my daily life.  Patrick also teaches me about nutrition so that I am able to make better food choices."  To read more of Mike's story, click here.


From Catherine, MS, RN, Yardley, Pennsylvania
Personal Training Client

Goals: To regain my motivation for working out, to lose weight, and to support a healthy lifestyle
″Patrick is extremely dedicated, reliable, and knowledgeable about personal training.  His demeanor is supportive and motivating.  He encourages you to discuss concerns openly, and the dialogue is practical and specific to your needs.  He demonstrates excellent judgment, follows safe practices, and helps you reach your greatest potential without risk.

Pat′s approach to personal training is goal-oriented to achieve optimal results."  To read more of Catherine's story, click here.