Patrick W. Mulhern, Owner and President of PT Transformations

Whether it be the clients who lost over 140 pounds, the athletes who earned academic and sports scholarships, the infirm who were finally able to manage their medical conditions, or the every-day Jones' who were grateful to simply look and feel healthier, PT Transformations has been a catalyst of various life changes to untold numbers of individuals from the extraordinary to the ordinary.  

Call now to start on your own path to transforming your life.

Our Mission

It's very simple.  We are committed to helping you discover the right path - for YOU - to transform your lifelong health.


No matter what role physical training plays in your life now, PT Transformations will help you articulate your goals and plan how to achieve them.  We'll share our knowledge of wellness and nutrition to support your plan.  And, as you implement your plan, we'll stick by you to make sure your program remains effective, enjoyable, and flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. 

At PT Transformations, we're dedicated to these principles:

Fitness as a Way of Life
Beyond the immediate goals of rehabilitation, sports performance training, or weight control, we aim to instill the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Your experience with us, whether it's in our fitness center, out on the river, or in your home, will be individualized, enjoyable, and sustainable.

Professional Expertise and Development
We incorporate our formal education and certifications, our years of fitness experience, and our shared values in helping you to achieve your goals. Every member of our fitness staff is an accredited professional who seeks ongoing training in a variety of disciplines – and practices what they preach! 

Building Community
As active participants in the life of Historic Bristol Borough and the surrounding Lower Bucks region of the Delaware Valley, we seek to improve the lives of those who live and work in our community, as well as those who visit us for business or recreation. For us, health and wellness are a community effort.